Onion IoT with Lazar and Zheng


May 7th, 2016

35 mins 51 secs

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One of the biggest new trends in technology is the Internet of Things and one of the driving forces is the wealth of new sensors and platforms that are being continually introduced. In this episode we spoke with the founder and head engineer of one such platform named Onion. The Omega board is a new hardware platform that runs OpenWRT and lets you configure it using a number of languages, not least of which is Python.

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  • Your hosts as usual are Tobias Macey and Chris Patti
  • Today we are interviewing Lazar and Zheng about the Onion IoT platform

Interview with Lazar and Zheng

  • Introductions
  • How did you get introduced to Python? – Chris
  • What is the Onion platform and how does it leverage Python? – Tobias
  • Can you compare and contrast the Python support you provide for Onion as compared with Raspberry Pi? – Chris
  • I noticed that you are using the OpenWRT distribution of Linux in order to provide support for multiple languages. What was the driving intent behind choosing it and why is multiple language support so important for an IoT product? – Tobias
  • Do you provide any libraries for using with the Omega to abstract away some of the hardware level tasks? What are some of the design considerations that were involved when developing that? – Tobias
  • What are some of the most interesting projects you have seen people build with Python on your platform? – Tobias

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