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18 June 2015

Naomi Ceder, Lynn Root and Tracy Osborn on Diversity in the Python Community - E11

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Brief Introduction

  • Date of recording – Jun-10th, 2015
  • Hosts Macey and Chris Patti
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  • Overview – Interview with Tracy Osborn, Naomi Ceder, Lynn Root

Interview with Prominent PyLadies

  • Introductions
    • Tracy Osborn
    • Naomi Ceder
    • Lynn Root

  • How did you get introduced to Python?

  • In what ways do you think the Python community has succeeded in making itself more friendly and welcoming to women and other under represented minorities, and where could it do better?

    • Python community leadership takes a positive stance on diversity
    • Codes of conduct are taken very seriously
    • Financial diversity needs more focus

  • What can you tell us about PyLadies and DJango Girls?

    • PyLadies
      • started in a coffee shop in LA
      • pip install PyLadies
      • Over 70 locations on almost every continent – half on

  • What are some of the challenges you still face in being a part of the Python community, and how can our listeners help?

    • Don’t be disparaging about women-focused events

  • I had to read up to page 17 of the top authors list on PyPi to find a woman. Can you provide some insight into what may be contributing to this state of affairs and how we can help to improve it?

    • pypi is confusing and intimidating
    • Process and tools are tough to use
    • Maybe Pyladies should host a “make your own package” night
    • Mentorship and easy HOWTOs are needed

  • You have all gained some notoriety in the Python community through work that you have done. Do you feel that you were faced with greater adversity than your peers in the course of your careers?

    • Startup community more hostile than Python community

  • We are talking to each of you because of your involvement in the Python community. Have you worked with and been involved in other language communities? If so, can you provide some comparisons between that and Python in how they manage the subject of diversity, gender and otherwise?

    • Design community – lots of conferences with “all dude” conference speaker line up
    • Startups very focused on males for employees and customers

  • What effect do you think job descriptions play in excluding women and other minorities from roles in development positions? (In reference to

    • Discourage more appropriate term than exclude
    • Women less likely to apply for roles that they are not completely qualified for
    • Spotify experimenting with blind resume review and cross-checking of job descriptions
      • Result is more women applying and having better results

  • For any women and young girls who may be considering a career in technology, do you have any words of advice?

    • Go for it, but be aware that it’s hard

  • Do you have any advice for the men in the Python community and technology as a whole?

    • Actually listen when somebody tells you that it’s not the same for them (race, economics, gender)
    • Have some compassion and empathy
    • Men should educate themselves
    • Old habits die hard but getting over them is important

  • Is there anything we haven’t discussed that any of you would like to bring up?


  • Tobias

  • Chris

  • Naomi Ceder

  • Lynn Root

  • Tracy Osborn

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      Keep in Touch

  • Naomi Ceder

  • Lynn Root

  • Tracy Osborn

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