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10 May 2022

Making Investment Data Easy To Access And Analyze With The OpenBB Terminal - E363

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Investing effectively is largely a game of information access and analysis. This can involve a substantial amount of research and time spent on finding, validating, and acquiring different information sources. In order to reduce the barrier to entry and provide a powerful framework for amateur and professional investors alike Didier Rodrigues Lopes created the OpenBB Terminal. In this episode he explains how a pandemic project that started as an experiment has led to him founding a new company and dedicating his time to growing and improving the project and its community.


  • Hello and welcome to Podcast.__init__, the podcast about Python’s role in data and science.
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  • Your host as usual is Tobias Macey and today I’m interviewing Didier Rodrigues Lopes about the OpenBB Terminal, a modern Python-based integrated environment for investment research


  • Introductions
  • How did you get introduced to Python?
  • Can you describe what OpenBB is and the story behind it?
    • What is the problem that you are trying to address by creating the OpenBB project and providing it as open source?
  • What are some of the use cases where someone might need to use this project?
  • The elephant in the room for financial data research is the Bloomberg Terminal. What are the other tools or services available for that purpose?
    • What are the differentiating features of the OpenBB Terminal?
  • Can you describe how the OpenBB Terminal is implemented?
    • How have the design and goals/scope of the project changed since you started working on it?
  • Can you describe a typical workflow for someone who is using the OpenBB Terminal?
    • How have you approached the user experience design, and what are you optimizing for?
    • What kinds of utilities do you offer beyond raw data access?
  • What are some examples of data sources that you rely on?
    • What is involved in integrating a new data source?
  • What are the extension points and integration capabilities for expanding the functionality of the tool?
  • What are the most interesting, innovative, or unexpected ways that you have seen OpenBB Terminal used?
  • What are the most interesting, unexpected, or challenging lessons that you have learned while working on OpenBB Terminal?
  • When is OpenBB Terminal the wrong choice?
  • What do you have planned for the future of OpenBB Terminal?

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The intro and outro music is from Requiem for a Fish The Freak Fandango Orchestra / CC BY-SA

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