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Kivy Core Developers - Episode 3

You can view all of the show notes for every episode at Brief Introduction Date of recording – Apr 21st 2015 Hosts – Tobias Macey and Chris Patti Overview – Interview with members of the Kivy core development team Interview with Kivy Core Developers Introductions How did you get introduced to Python? How did...

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Reuven Lerner - Episode 2

Full show notes can be found at Episode 2 Brief intro Recording date/time Hosts Overview Reuven Lerner Interview Please introduce yourself How did you get introduced to Python? How did you break into the field of providing Python trainings? What are the most common languages that your students are coming from? What are some of...

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Thomas Hatch - Episode 1

Full show notes can be found at Brief Intro Hosts Overview Python at Chefconf! Plug for Talk Python To Me Thomas Hatch Interview Picks Thomas Hatch Flow Based Programming IOFlo Imagine Dragons Chris Patti Stone Imperial Russian Stout Python One Liner Games Boston Python User Group Tobias Macey Noisli CopyQ Pelican Moving From Heroku to...

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Podcast.__init__ - Introduction - Episode 0

Welcome to the first episode of a new podcast focused on bringing you the stories of the people who make the Python language and ecosystem great. Outline Introduction Brief Host Biographies Why We’re Doing This Why We Love Python & Favorite Tools Thank You Picks! Picks Tobias Summoner Wars Dbeaver KDE Connect Playerctl Chris ptpython...

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