Ergonomica with Liam Schumm - Episode 123


As developers we spend a lot of our work day in a terminal window, using shells that were designed 30 years ago. This week Liam Schumm joins me to explain why he decided to write a new, more ergonomic shell environment to simplify his workflow.

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  • Your host as usual is Tobias Macey and today I’m interviewing Liam Schumm about Ergonomica


  • Introductions
  • How did you get introduced to Python?
  • What is Ergonomica and what was your reason for creating it?
  • What are some of the most difficult aspects of the project that you have experienced?
  • How is Ergonomica implemented?
  • What was your reason for using a dialect of Lisp as the interface for a terminal environment as opposed to iterating on the idioms in shells such as Bash?
  • How does Ergonomica’s implementation differ from traditional shells such as Bash, Csh, and Powershell?
  • How does Ergonomica’s implementation differ from other alternative shells such as Xonsh, ZSH, and Fish?
  • Why did you choose to implement Ergonomica in Python?
  • What’s your target group for Ergonomica?
  • What do you have planned for the future of Ergonomica?
  • Reading through your website you are fairly well accomplished. How does your age factor into the kinds of projects that you are engaged in?

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