Interview Process


I use for scheduling our interviews. Keep an eye out for an invitation and when you receive it, please vote on a suggested time slot. If none of the suggested days/times are convenient for you, feel free to suggest a time that will work with your schedule.
I am in the U.S. East time zone and aim for weekday evenings for the interview slots. That being said, I recognize that guests are often in different time zones and I am happy to schedule around your needs.

Recording your audio

In order to produce a high quality show I use the service to handle recording the direct audio of all participants via a browser. I will send a URL to be used during the interview ahead of time. Once the conversation is done the WAV file of your direct audio will be uploaded automatically, so please just leave the browser tab open until that is complete. It is also a good idea to have a pair of headphones to use during the call in order to prevent feedback from your speakers.

Interview Questions

Before the interview, I will send you a link to the questions and topics that I intend to cover. This will give you the opportunity to add any questions that I miss or provide any comments on the questions and topics that I have. If there are any questions that you are not comfortable with answering or do not seem relevant to the subject of the conversation I will be happy to remove or modify them.


At the end of the show I like to include a ‘picks’ section. This is where we have the opportunity to share with the audience anything that we find interesting or useful. This can include anything, both technical and not. Some examples are a book that you enjoy, a movie that you like, a particular style of food, a vacation destination, your favorite hobby… Anything that you think the audience might like to learn about.

Follow Up

After the interview I will edit the recording and release the episode within 1-2 weeks. Since the episode is being edited, don’t worry about misspeaks or digressions during the call as it can all be fixed after the fact. Once the episode is released I will announce it via Twitter, Google+ and my mailing list and I will notify you when it is available. If you can promote the episode within your networks it would be appreciated.