Sponsorship Information

The main source of funding for Podcast.__init__ comes from sponsorships. Without that income it would not be possible to continue producing the show every week.

Sponsoring is easy to do and benefits everyone. The audience is highly targeted to enthusiastic and engaged developers, designers, and project managers working in the technology industry. Some of the feedback that we have received from sponsors is that we are the most successful podcast campaign that they have ever had!

Each sponsor receives a pre-roll advertisement delivered by the host at the beginning of the show, a permanent featured space on the website, and an advertisement in the weekly newsletter. The website feature appears in the show notes of each sponsored episode and can contain an image of your choosing accompanied by a description of your product and a call to action. If you or your company wish to sponsor one show or many then just fill out the contact form below or email sponsor@podcastinit.com.



Podcast.__init__ has been one of our top-performing podcasts since we started advertising on the show. The show has a wide range of topics and covers everything from Python specific topics to more wide range topics like industry news. Podcast.__init__ has definitely helped us reach a fantastic Python audience. Outside of the show, Tobias has been fantastic to work with. He truly cares if his show and audience is bringing value to our company.

Sponsors Include