Distributed Systems

Unleash The Power Of Dataframes At Any Scale With Modin - Episode 324

When you start working on a data project there are always a variety of unknown factors that you have to explore. One of those is the volume of total data that you will eventually need to handle, and the speed and scale at which it will need to be processed. If you optimize for scale too early then it adds a high barrier to entry due to the complexities of distributed systems, but if you invest in a lot of engineering up front then it can be challenging to refactor for scale. Modin is a project that aims to remove that decision by letting you seamlessly replace your existing Pandas code and scale across CPU cores or across a cluster of machines. In this episode Devin Petersohn explains why he started working on solving this problem, how Modin is architected to allow for a smooth escalation from small to large volumes of data and compute, and how you can start using it today to accelerate your Pandas workflows.

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LBRY with Jeremy Kauffman - Episode 109

Content discovery and delivery and how it works in the digital realm is one of the most critical pieces of our modern economy. The blockchain is one of the most disruptive and transformative technologies to arrive in recent years. This week Jeremy Kauffman explains how the company and platform of LBRY are combining the two in an attempt to redefine how content creators and consumers interact by creating a new distributed marketplace for all kinds of media.

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