Experimenting With Reinforcement Learning Using MushroomRL - Episode 332

Reinforcement learning is a branch of machine learning and AI that has a lot of promise for applications that need to evolve with changes to their inputs. To support the research happening in the field, including applications for robotics, Carlo D’Eramo and Davide Tateo created MushroomRL. In this episode they share how they have designed the project to be easy to work with, so that students can use it in their study, as well as extensible so that it can be used by businesses and industry professionals. They also discuss the strengths of reinforcement learning, how to design problems that can leverage its capabilities, and how to get started with MushroomRL for your own work.

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Network Analysis At The Speed Of C With The Power Of Python Using NetworKit - Episode 327

Analysing networks is a growing area of research in academia and industry. In order to be able to answer questions about large or complex relationships it is necessary to have fast and efficient algorithms that can process the data quickly. In this episode Eugenio Angriman discusses his contributions to the NetworKit library to provide an accessible interface for these algorithms. He shares how he is using NetworKit for his own research, the challenges of working with large and complex networks, and the kinds of questions that can be answered with data that fits on your laptop.

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