Design Real-World Objects In Python With CadQuery - Episode 368

Virtually everything that you interact with on a daily basis and many other things that make modern life possible were designed and modeled in software called CAD or Computer-Aided Design. These programs are advanced suites with graphical editing environments tailored to domain experts in areas such as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, architecture, etc. While the UI-driven workflow is more accessible, it isn’t scalable which opens the door to code-driven workflows. In this episode Jeremy Wright discusses the design, uses, and benefits of the CadQuery framework for building 3D CAD models entirely in Python.

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Intelligent Dependency Resolution For Optimal Compatibility And Security With Project Thoth - Episode 367

Building any software project is going to require relying on dependencies that you and your team didn’t write or maintain, and many of those will have dependencies of their own. This has led to a wide variety of potential and actual issues ranging from developer ergonomics to application security. In order to provide a higher degree of confidence in the optimal combinations of direct and transitive dependencies a team at Red Hat started Project Thoth. In this episode FridolĂ­n PokornĂ˝ explains how the Thoth resolver uses multiple signals to find the best combination of dependency versions to ensure compatibility and avoid known security issues.

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