The Past, Present, and Future of Twisted with Moshe Zadka


July 15th, 2018

34 mins 42 secs

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Twisted is one of the earliest frameworks for developing asynchronous applications in Python and it has yet to fulfill its original purpose. It can be used to build network servers that integrate a multitude of protocols, increase the performance of your I/O bound applications, serve as the full web stack for your WSGI projects, and anything else that needs a battle tested and performant foundation. In this episode long time maintainer Moshe Zadka discusses the history of Twisted, how it has evolved over the years, the transition to Python 3, some of its myriad use cases, and where it is headed in the future. Try it out today and then send some thanks to all of the people who have dedicated their time to building it.


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  • Your host as usual is Tobias Macey and today I’m interviewing Moshe Zadka about Twisted, the original multi-function tool for asynchronous operations and network protocols in Python


  • Introductions
  • How did you get introduced to Python?
  • For anyone who isn’t familiar with Twisted can you share a brief overview of what it is?
    • What was the original motivation for creating it?
    • How did you get involved with the project and what is your current role in the team?

  • How can people learn to use Twisted?

    • What are some of the common difficulties that new users encounter?

  • What did you learn working on Twisted?

  • Who uses Twisted?

    • When is Twisted the wrong choice?
    • What are some examples of systems that aren’t using Twisted but should be?

  • What are some of the ways that Twisted has evolved and changed over the years?

  • What are some of the ways people can support Twisted?

  • What are some of the plans for the future of Twisted?

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The intro and outro music is from Requiem for a Fish The Freak Fandango Orchestra / CC BY-SA